Safety Alert Number 0907271

Zoll AED Plus Corrective Actions
The Zoll Medical Corporation has identified a potential battery problem in certain Zoll AED Plus, Automated
External Defibrillators (AED). The Company has developed a Web Page that can help someone determine if their
AED Plus requires a software update. On March 31, 2009, ZOLL® recommended that all AED Plus® users whose units have serial numbers with the last
six digits below 200000 upgrade their software to version 5.32. This new software will detect and prevent potential
battery problems that could develop with 123A Lithium batteries in the future. This website provides everything
ZOLL AED Plus users need to take corrective action. If you have or know any organization that has one of these units, refer them to: At this website, you can identify if your AED is a candidate for the corrective action by referencing the unit's serial
number. If the updated software is required, there are instructions to download and install the software. If you do not
have access to the website, you can contact Zoll Technical Support at 1-800-348-9011.