Safety Alert Number 0912305

Volvo recalls over 140K 2001-2005 and 2010
MY vehicles over fuel system issues. Vehicles manufactured by Volvo are the subject of two different recalls newly announced by the National Highway
Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA). The recalls, both involving problems with fuel systems, cover more than 140,000
vehicles manufactured within the past decade. The first recall is directed at 136,100 2001-2005 model year S60, S80,
V70, XC70, and XC90 vehicles sold and operated in warmer climates. According to NHTSA, the fuel pump can develop
cracks in its flange when exposed to hot temperatures (and thermal cycling) combined with varying fuel quality. A
compromised flange may leak fuel and/or result in a fire. Owners are instructed to bring their vehicles into the dealer
for inspection. If the part is defective, Volvo will replaced it with modified flange at no charge. The recall campaign is
scheduled to begin in January 2010. The second recall is directed at 5,253 2010 model year XC60 vehicles. According to NHTSA, a fuel line rail cover
designed to protect the fuel lines on the XC60 may be improperly attached, thus exposing the lines to damage. The
damaged pieces may leak, possibly resulting in a fire. Owners of the affected models are asked to bring their vehicles to
the dealer for inspection and/or a repair at no charge. Source: