DHSES - OFPC NY Task Force 2

Homeland Security and Emergency Services

New York Task Force 2 (NY-TF 2)

Standard Operating Procedure Information

For information regarding Standard Operating Procedures, please Click Here

Deployment Bag Information

For information regarding Deployment Bags, included required and suggested inventory, please Click Here

NY-TF 2 Membership Information

For information on how to become a member of NY-TF 2, including a list of minimum qualifications, please Click Here

NY-TF 2 Training Matrix

For a 4 page pdf showing the training requirements for the various NY-TF 2 positions, please Click Here

World Trade Center Health Information

For information regarding Health Insurance for World Trade Center Responders, please Click Here

NY-TF 2 Operational Manual

To view the NY-TF 2 Operational Manual in PDF format (194 pages), please Click Here