Homeland Security and Emergency Services

SIEC - State Interoperable and Emergency Communication Board

Annual Reports


New York State County Law, Article 6-A, Section 326, created the State Interoperable and Emergency Communication Board (SIEC Board) within the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (pursuant to Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2010). Section 328 of the New York State County Law, charged this Board with the following duties:

  • Make recommendations to the Commissioner of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services on the expenditure of grants and other funding programs related to interoperable and emergency communications;
  • Make recommendations related to the development, coordination and implementation of policies, plans, standards, programs and services related to interoperable and emergency communications, including but not limited to ensuring compliance with federal mandates for interoperable communications and compatibility with the national incident management system;
  • Establish structures and guidelines to maintain interoperable communications planning and coordination at the statewide level;
  • Establish, promulgate and revise standards for the operation of public safety answering points; and
  • Establish guidelines regarding the creation of regionally based radio communications systems compatible with the structures and guidelines consistent with federal mandates and best practices. 

The 25 member Board is comprised of state agency heads, state legislative representatives, representatives of first responder organizations and experts in the field of interoperable and emergency communications. Members are appointed for a term of four years.



Michael Sprague - Director of the Office of Interoperable & Emergency Communications

Executive Appointees:

Total 7

7 filled/0 vacant

Joseph Gerace
James Voutour
Brian LaFlure
William Bleyle
Eric Day
John Merklinger
Michael Volk

Chautauqua County Sheriff
Niagara County Sheriff
Warren County Emergency Manager
Onondaga County 9-1-1 Commissioner
Clinton County Emergency Manager
Monroe County Director
Westchester County EMS & Communications Chief

Senate Appointees:

Richard V. Tantalo
Kevin Revere
Richard Andersen

Total 5


3 filled/2 vacant

Law Enforcement
Oneida County Emergency Manager
Retired Law Enforcement

Assembly Appointees:

Marianne Buttenschon
Kimberly L. Beaty

Total 5


2 filled/3 vacant

Private Sector
Law Enforcement

State Agencies:

Total 7

Ex-Officio Members

Roger L. Parrino, Sr.
Michael C. Green
Maj. Gen. Anthony German
Paul Karas
Howard Zucker, MD
George Beach
Robert Samson


Commissioner, Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
Commissioner, Division of Criminal Justice Services
Division of Military and Naval Affairs
Commissioner, Department of Transportation
Commissioner, Department of Health
Superintendent, Division of State Police
Chief Information Officer, NYS Office of Information Technology Services