Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Plume Modeling Report

In recognition of the risk of accidents and public safety concerns associated with the increased volume of crude oil being transported through New York State, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo issued Executive Order 125 (EO 125) on January 28, 2014, directing state agencies to immediately conduct a coordinated review of New York State’s crude oil incident prevention and response capacity. As a result of EO 125, the “Transporting Crude Oil in New York State: A review of Incident Prevention and Response Capacity” report was created in April of 2014, with the input of multiple state agencies. The report directed the Disaster Preparedness Commission to establish a Plume Modeling Working Group to study and report by on the status of the State’s plume model capability. This report provides an overview of New York State’s capability and capacity to effectively direct, control and implement plume modeling activities. The report contains findings and recommendations that will help build and establish a robust capacity for New York State to conduct plume modeling for Bakken Crude Oil, and to support incident response involving other types of hazardous materials.