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  • Drone update: AT&T adds larger drones with more radios
    AT&T is adding more radios to its cell sites on wings, or COWs as the company likes to call them. The latest COW tests took place in Houston, where AT&T’s network disaster recovery team worked with first responders to practice recovering from the loss of an entire central office facility.
  • AT&T targets draft state plans in June, outlines business case behind its FirstNet bid
    AT&T officials say that the carrier plans to work with FirstNet to release draft state plans in June and expects governors to make opt-out decisions during the fourth quarter of this year, when the company’s goal is to have all 56 states and territories accept the nationwide FirstNet deployment plans.
  • FirstNet Shares Best Practices With Global Peers
    While FirstNet and AT&T begin work to bring a dedicated, wireless broadband network to public safety nationwide, other countries are pursuing similar nationwide systems and are looking to FirstNet for best practices.
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