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Elevation Projects

Governor's Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR)

Project Uplift

Project UPLIFT Program launched Spring of 2016 Pilot Program for home elevation projects in Staten Island or Gerritsen Beach and Sheepshead Bay, BK

Through the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery's (GOSR) NY Rising Community Reconstruction (NYRCR) Program, storm-impacted NYC communities identified a lack of resources for homeowners in mitigating future storm risk, such as elevating their homes.

Responding to this need, GOSR created a home elevation pilot program in Staten Island, and Gerritsen Beach and Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. This pilot, named Project UPLIFT, is being implemented by SBP in partnership with New York State.

NY Rising

Housing Inquiries 1-844-9NYRISING

Sandy Related Programs

  • Build It Back (BIB) Housing Counseling line at 646-237-5925 (existing line; for any BIB issue)
  • Center for NYC Neighborhoods (CNYCN) Temporary Housing Hotline 646-757-2886 (new line for those in BIB with temporary housing needs)
  • CNYCN's Statewide Mortgage Counseling Center 646-786-0888 (anyone with mortgage related questions/issues)

Other Available Programs

Other assistance may be available in your community. Search the 2-1-1 data bases of services or call 2-1-1.