Homeland Security and Emergency Services

NYS Standard Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan
(State Mitigation Plan) 2014

Submitted to FEMA December 2013

Every three years New York State DHSES updates the NYS Standard Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan with assistance from sister agencies and other interested stakeholders.  There are many reasons to do this, not least of which is FEMA's requirement that our State must have a Mitigation Plan for State agencies, local governments and certain private non-profits (PNPs) to access federal recovery funds after a Presidential declaration.  In the past three years, the current NYS Hazard Mitigation Plan has provided eligible NYS and local governments and PNPs with federal disaster assistance to repair billions of dollars in damages;  updating and seeking FEMA approval continues NYS's eligibility for many more billions more in funding as New York communities rebuild after Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee, and Superstorm Sandy.

Below please find the Plan approved by FEMA, which serves other valuable functions as well:

  • It documents New York's progress in identifying risks and mitigating natural hazards to avoid the loss of lives and injury, and reduce the damage to state-owned and -managed infrastructure.
  • It serves as a reference document and information source for local governments as they develop local hazard mitigation plans to reduce their own risk and access the full suite of federal disaster funding.

All this takes on more importance as disasters, including severe flooding, seem to occur at an increasing pace and bring increasing costs.  FEMA studies show that every dollar spent on mitigation avoids more than $4 in future damages.  Hazard mitigation is sound fiscal policy in good times and bad. 

2014 Updated Plan: