State Preparedness Training Center

EMS Multiple Casualty Incident Management Course: November 18-19, 2014

The SPTC/NCSP delivered the EMS MCI Course to a diverse class of EMS professionals from around the state of New York on November 18-19, 2014. Throughout the course, students discussed and practiced MCI management skills. To ensure students achieved the highest level learning objectives, they were fully engaged in a series of scenario-based activities.
Firemen involved in EMS MCI Course

Firemen deliver patients from a burning building and EMS personnel provide medical care in the EMS MCI Course, delivered Nov. 18-19.

Students and patients in EMS MCI Course

A student tracks the number of patients by their triage categories in a scenario-based activity.

 a gun wound is managed at EMS MCI Course

An arterial bleed from a gunshot wound is managed; a paramedic student applies the SOFTT-Wide ® tourniquet.

EMS personnel manage a priority 3 Casualty Collection

EMS personnel manage a priority 3 Casualty Collection Point during an MCI in this scenario-based activity, featured in the CityScape, the SPTC's newest premiere training venue.

Students and patients in EMS MCI Coures

A student coordinates with the Regional Trauma Center to determine transport requirements during a multiple casualty incident.

Patients  suffering from injuries at EMS MCI Course

A patient suffering from blast injuries is reassessed at a Casualty Collection Point.

For more winter excitement, the SPTC/NCSP are delivering the EMS Special Situations Winter Course on December 9-10, 2014. Interested agencies and individuals should contact the SPTC at or (315) 768-5689.