State Preparedness Training Center

Subject Matter Expert Instructor Lt. Frazzano on New York Women in Law Enforcement (NYWLE), Integrated Training

December 5, 2014

New York Women in Law Enforcement (NYWLE) is an organization dedicated to strengthening the Law Enforcement Community through celebrating diversity, promoting education, and the developing leadership. The 2014 NYWLE conference consisted of training, networking opportunities, and several speakers including NCSP Director Rick Mathews, and Subject Matter Expert Instructor Lt. Tracy Frazzano, of the Montclair Police Department in New Jersey.

Lt. Frazzano and Director Mathews presented on Integrated Response to Active Shooters- the Paradigm Shift Continues, highlighting the ever-changing threat environment and how multi-disciplinary response is keeping New York ahead. Lt. Frazzano observed that many women in law enforcement are not aware of the training available to them.

The speakers discussed the New York State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC), where integrated training is routinely offered. For example, the Advanced Active Shooters Scenario: Tactics & Operations Course (A2S2), incorporates Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Rescue, and Bomb Technicians in scenario-based training drawn from the 2008 Mumbai attacks. "I think it is important for police, fire, and EMS to train together because there is a paradigm shift going on in the way in which we operate. Seeing incidents like the Boston Marathon, the firefighters in Webster NY that were ambushed, the PA State Troopers that were ambushed at their barracks…" observes Lt. Frazzano.

NYPD Officers Brittany Hawkrigg and Katie Janisch attended the NYWLE Conference and also were students at the October delivery of A2S2 soon after. Both officers found the course to be extremely valuable. "I highly recommend this training to everyone," Officer Hawkrigg commends, "it was one of the best trainings I have ever attended if not the best." Officer Janisch added, "(The training) built on what I learned in NYPD very well."

"I know that there are numerous benefits to integrated training," Lt. Frazzano states, "the most important one is the saving of more lives." The presentation educated many law enforcement personnel in New York about the opportunity to learn new life-saving measures and tactics.

Besides developing and instructing at the A2S2 course, Lt. Frazzano has been part of committees in New Jersey that are currently developing training that highlights effective strategies for first responders in the evolving threat environment.