State Preparedness Training Center

TECC for EMS Workshop Pilots in Chautauqua County

January 30, 2015

On January 24th and 25th, the SPTC/NCSP delivered the one day TECC for EMS Workshop at the Chautauqua County Office of Emergency Services to two blended classes of EMS and Law Enforcement professionals. The team from the SPTC/NCSP trained around 90 students in skills that could potentially save lives in the response to an incident involving ADB (Aggressive Deadly Behavior), including Active Shooter Events.

Snowy field with police car in front

The audience was limited to sworn law enforcement officers currently employed by a NYS law enforcement agency that are members of either a FBI accredited Bomb Squad, a Certified Explosive Detection Canine Handler, or Tactical Team members funded under the Fiscal Year 2013 NYS Tactical Team Grant. Students participated in classroom-based discussions, skill development lanes, and a series of scenario-based activities to train and test interoperability among these special teams.

Dr. Brian Walters, the county Medical Director and SPTC/NCSP instructor, was optimistic about the impact of this training for his community. “Everyone who attended the training was very appreciative of the opportunity, and enjoyed it. This being a small county, we don’t have the resources to have in-house training this involved, and of this quality” Dr. Walters said. “With an ever present threat of terrorist attacks and active shooter situations, it might not always be tactical medics who are the first to arrive on scene, making it crucial for all EMTs and medics to learn these TECC principles.”

"Not having an EMS background, it was helpful to become educated on their approach to medical care and triage in the field." -LE Student

"I got a chance to practice what I had learned- working and training alongside law enforcement was very beneficial." - EMS Student

"This was very useful for everyday awareness and identifying future planning and training needs."

The SPTC/NCSP will continue to offer mobile deliveries in order to bring high quality training to professionals throughout the state. See the DHSES Training Calendar at the latest information on training deliveries in 2015. Interested agencies and individuals should contact the SPTC at or (315) 768-5689.