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train derailed
A CSX Train Jumped The Tracks And
Some Cars Containing Highly Flammable
Liquids Exploded
- Oneida, NY

FEMA National Response Framework Resource (NRF)
This link takes you to FEMA's National Response Framework (NRF) Resource Center, which provides you links to information, documents, annexes, training, and other resources.

FEMA NIMS Resource Center Credentialing Guide
The purpose of this NIMS Guide is to establish a standard definition and criteria for credentialing requirements as they relate to personnel ordered as single resources or personnel assigned to teams.

NIMS Doctrine Supporting Guides & Tools
The purpose of this page is to provide information on the tools and guidance that have been produced by the National Integration Center.

FEMA NIMS Resource Center Resource Typing section
The purpose of this NIMS Guide is to communicate the criteria that were used to define and identify the current typed 120 NIMS national resource requirements typing definitions requirements