Homeland Security and Emergency Services

NIMS Implementation Strategy

As of April 5, 2011, NIMS Objectives for 2011 have NOT YET BEEN RELEASED from the Incident Management System Integration Division of FEMA.

The NIMS Five Year Training Plan requires Independent Study (IS) courses 705, 706 and 707 to be completed for 2011.  However, IS-705 - NIMS Preparedness and IS-707- NIMS Resource Typing are not available. Therefore, we are suggesting that your organization begin identifying and training appropriate individuals with IS-706, NIMS Intrastate Mutual Aid - An Introduction.

This course is "function specific" as compared to other courses which were "rank specific". You will have to identify the individual(s) within your organization that will be assigned that task and train accordingly. The link to the course is listed below:

We recommend that you continue with previously required  ICS training programs and continue to identify and train appropriate individuals.

We also recommend that you continue with other NIMS activities as have been outlined in previous years guidance documents.  For additional information concerning compliance metrics for NIMS, please go to the FEMA website for NIMS Implementation and Guidance by Fiscal Year.

Previously issued New York specific training guidance for first responders.