New York State Watch Center

Office of Emergency Management
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The New York State Watch Center is New York State’s 24/7 alert and warning point.

The State Watch Center supports the mission of the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services by maintaining situational awareness of state, national, and international incidents, sharing information with Division staff, State agencies, and other emergency officials, and notifying State agencies and counties of developing incidents.

The State Watch Center is responsible for activating the State Emergency Operations Center in Albany during emergencies and maintaining dedicated communications with federal emergency response agencies and commercial nuclear power generation facilities. It also assumes daytime and off-hours responsibility for several State agency emergency hotlines and maintains the authority to mass notify the general public statewide to an emergency or imminent threat.

State Watch Center Responsibilities
Steady State

During Steady State Operations, the NYSWC receives and transmits emergency notifications and other communications to internal and external partners, and maintains situational awareness while analyzing and distributing information to agency Executive staff, State leadership, and partner entities. The NYSWC also initiates and tracks requests for State assets in support of local responders during times the State EOC is in Steady State.


Emergency Response Activations

During Emergency Response Activations, the NYSWC maintains all actions from day-to-day operations and additionally supports the State Emergency Operations Center, providing situational awareness and message center support.

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