Battery Safety

Battery Safety

Battery Safety

Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries have become extremely common. They are found in virtually every rechargeable/electronic device, from personal devices (Bluetooth headphones, vape pens, cell phones, computers) to transportation (e-scooters/ebikes, electric vehicles, airplanes) to stationary home/commercial Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS, e.g., Tesla Energy Wall or Megapack), and many other applications. If these batteries suffer a catastrophic failure, they can create extreme heat, result in a fire or explosion, and produce toxic gases.

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety for Consumers Bulletin

Lithium-ion Batteries Brochure

A Safety Guide for Consumers

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Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Fire Service Response Guide

For emergencies involving lithium-ion batteries in large scale energy storage outdoor (non-occupiable) cabinets

Battery Emergencies and Electrical Storage Systems Training Program

The course gives the students information on the dangers associated with lithium-ion battery emergencies. Students are given knowledge on the uses, construction and hazards associated with lithium-ion battery storage systems. Students are also advised on firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to safely respond to these incidents as well as recommendations to coordinate the incident and mitigate the hazards. The students are also given an overview on lithium-ion battery vehicle emergencies and recommendations to handle them.

Registration is done through the DHSES’s Learning Management System. You can login to the system and obtain additional information about the system at


for instructor-led classroom presentation, email [email protected] for information. 

Resources from the FDNY

Fire Tactics and Procedures from FDNY

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