Student Apartments

As a student, fire prevention and safety should be a high priority wherever you live. Recent tragedies in campus related housing demonstrate the need to be vigilant. 

Appliance Topics

Several straightforward and easily implemented steps can be taken by individuals to prevent appliance fires and to protect themselves from injury should a fire occur. 

Find fire safety and prevention tips on the following appliance topics below:

Exit Safety

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the vast majority of people will attempt to exit a building through the door they are most familiar with and routinely use - even when other exits may be a safer choice.

Take a few minutes familiarize yourself with these exit safety topics, to ensure you know how and where to get out:

Special Event Safety

Special events on campus come with unique fire and life safety challenges - challenges that can easily be overcome with preplanning. 

Read through the following special event safety topics to ensure a safe and entertaining event:

Construction Projects

Often construction projects will have an impact on fire and life safety outside the area generally considered the worksite. It is critical for the safety of everyone that a comprehensive fire safety evaluation be performed, not just during design, but repeatedly throughout the entire project.

Fire Protection Systems

Find helpful information regarding sprinkler inspections and system impairments below:

​​​​​​​OFPC is happy to assist any college or university develop a plan to deal with fire protection system outages. For more information, contact the nearest regional office of the Bureau of Fire Prevention.

Reports and Guidelines


    Campus Fire Report

    Pursuant to 19 NYCRR 500, any fire that occurs on property under the jurisdiction of a college or university must be reported to the OFPC within 24 hours of occurrence or discovery.