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Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
Training Programs

DHSES delivers and supports training and exercises with a dedicated focus to ensure first-responder disciplines receive the highest level of attention. The Division collaborates on training and exercise initiatives with many government and non-governmental organizations, staff, management, planners and technical groups, and provides training to elected officials and public works, health, technology, and communications personnel.

DHSES Training and Outreach
2024 Course Catalog
DHSES is committed to providing cutting-edge, contemporary, and configurable training to a broad array of public safety stakeholders statewide. Accordingly, this catalog is designed to share information on the depth and breadth of DHSES' training courses. This document contains information on more than 260 courses that are delivered by or coordinated through DHSES. For more information about any of the courses listed, please reach out directly to the office that offers the course.
Course Registration
Learning Management System
The DHSES Learning Management System allows students to view all DHSES trainings and provides students with a simple and streamlined process to register for them.