Disaster Preparedness Commission


The responsibilities of the Disaster Preparedness Commission (DPC) include the preparation of State disaster plans, the direction of State disaster operations and coordinating those with local government operations, and the coordination of federal, State, and private recovery efforts. The DPC is comprised of the commissioners, directors, or chairpersons of 30 State agencies and two volunteer organizations, the American Red Cross and 211 NYS.

Member Agencies

Article 2-B

New York State Executive Law, Article 2-B, enacted in 1978, shifted emphasis from Civil Defense to all-hazards preparedness activities and missions, created the Disaster Preparedness Commission, and assigned responsibility for off-site radiological emergency preparedness for commercial nuclear power plants.

In 2010, the New York State Legislature enacted changes in Article 2-B.

Declaring a State of Local Emergency

The following information can be used by local Chief Executives and Emergency Managers on matters pertaining to declaring a "local state of emergency" and issuing emergency orders pursuant to Article 2-B of State Executive Law. This document addresses the most commonly asked questions regarding a local state of emergency. 

Annual Reports

Annual reports of the NYS Disaster Preparedness Commission.