Preliminary damage assessments are conducted near a damaged roadway in Ellensburg, New York

Disaster Recovery

A Major Disaster Declaration Has Been Requested to Secure Federal Assistance for Communities Impacted by Flooding
Disaster Recovery

The four program areas of Recovery help individuals and communities rebuild, recover, and become more resilient after a disaster.  Recovery also works with FEMA and other federal partners on recovery issues and processes disaster recovery grants for repairs and/or mitigation projects.

Public Assistance

The Public Assistance section helps governmental entities and certain private not-for-profits receive reimbursement for the cost of recovery including permanent repairs to public infrastructure and the costs associated with emergency response including actions to protect life and reduce damages and loss of property.

Individual Assistance 

The Individual Assistance section manages and operates programs that address the needs of individuals and families affected by disasters. The section also provides support and guidance to community recovery organizations.

Hazard Mitigation

The Hazard Mitigation section assists communities with planning and/or projects related to long-term actions to protect lives and reduce the impact of disasters on the built environment such as roads, bridges and buildings.  Current federal legislation requires that an entity have a FEMA-approved mitigation plan in place in order to be eligible for most mitigation project funding.

Disaster Finance 

The Disaster Finance section provides finance and audit related information for those entities receiving recovery grant funds.

Community and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters


Community Organizations Active in Disasters  (COAD) and Voluntary Organization Active in Disasters (VOAD) help prepare residents and communities for emergencies and support response and recovery efforts during ongoing events.


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