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Domestic Terrorism Prevention Unit

The DTPU is dedicated to preventing domestic terrorism and targeted violence.
Domestic Terrorism Prevention Unit
Our vision is a safe, prepared, and resilient New York State

In response to the May 2022 domestic terror attack at a supermarket in Buffalo, NY, Governor Hochul issued Executive Order 18, which established the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Unit and required every county and the City of New York to develop and maintain plans to identify and confront domestic terrorism threats.

The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Unit or DTPU is a unit within the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services' Office of Counter Terrorism dedicated to preventing domestic terrorism and all types of targeted violence. The new Unit’s responsibilities include:

  • Developing best practices for law enforcement, mental health professionals, and school officials to address the rise in targeted violence, domestic violent extremism, and homegrown violent extremism.
  • Developing training for law enforcement, mental health professionals, and school officials to increase awareness of domestic violent extremism and the warning signs and indicators of radicalization.
  • Administering the Threat Assessment Management (TAM) Program and disbursing funding to jurisdictions to assist in the creation and operation of threat assessment and management teams consisting of members from a broad range of specialties throughout the community.
New York State Targeted Violence Prevention Strategy
Combating Targeted Violence
The Targeted Violence Prevention (TVP) Strategy outlines New York State’s efforts in combatting targeted violence, including domestic terrorism.
Program Areas
What the DTPU Does

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The National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) is designed to communicate information about terrorist threats by providing timely, detailed information to the public. This page contains current NTAS advisories (both Alerts and Bulletins), archived copies of expired advisories, and additional information on the NTAS system.

Threat Assessment and Management (TAM) teams are multi-disciplinary teams that identify, assess, and manage threats of targeted violence. This primer provides information on how to create a TAM team and offers example documents from existing teams.

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