Headquarters Operations

Office of Emergency Management
Lake O

Headquarters Operations coordinates all State response and initial recovery activities to support county and local government operations during an emergency. State OEM also coordinates federal resources to support the State's activities. The State’s response is guided by NYS Executive Law Article 2-B, the State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, and Executive Order No. 26 which establishes the National Interagency Incident Management System - Incident Command System as the State’s standard command and control system.

Headquarters Operations Responsibilities
Steady State

During Steady State Operations, Headquarters Operations utilizes and maintains New York Responds and maintains the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The Headquarters Operations Duty Officer has daily responsibilities to review mission or resource requests, and assist local, county, State agencies, or other states with the approved missions. Daily operations include review and maintenance of Headquarters Operations policies and procedures and Headquarters Operations reporting for DPC and federal grant requirements.

Emergency Response Activations

During Emergency Response Activations, the Headquarters Operations transitions into State EOC management and coordination. Headquarters Operations assists the State government, State agencies with Emergency Support Function (ESF) responsibilities, county/local emergency managers, general population, FEMA, and other states (as needed or available) with inter and intra state mutual aid.


Through EMAC, states can share resources from all disciplines, protect personnel who deploy, and be reimbursed for mission related costs. EMAC is implemented through State OEM on behalf of the Governor and follows the five-step process to facilitate mutual aid. As a member of EMAC since 2001, the State has access to other state’s resources during a State-declared disaster.

NY Responds is a state-of-the-art online incident management system used in emergency operations centers (EOCs) to develop and maintain situational awareness and coordinate the sharing of emergency resources across the state. The NY Responds system is provided to every county in New York at no cost, and serves as a single, unified system to ensure visibility, transparency, and accountability of emergency response activities and assets.

The Intrastate Mutual Aid Program is a tool available to local governments for the purposes of responding to a declared state of emergency. IMAP provides for mutual assistance among the participating local governments in the prevention of, response to, and recovery from any disaster that results in a formal declaration of an emergency by a participating local government. IMAP is a local‐to‐local program which should be contemplated prior to seeking State assistance, especially during a small-scale event.
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