Incident Management Team

Office of Emergency Management

The New York State Incident Management Team (IMT) is a multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional team that can be deployed or activated when needed to manage an incident or event safely, effectively, and efficiently, regardless of the cause, size, or complexity.

The New York State IMT is a qualified Type III All-Hazards Incident Management Team that is made available to State agencies and governmental authorities by request to the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services and coordinated by the State OEM IMT Section.

The requesting jurisdiction will retain all local control, authority, and responsibility throughout the duration of the incident while the IMT provides incident management assistance on their behalf.

Incident Management Team Responsibilities
Steady State

During Steady State Operations, the IMT Program Staff maintains the ability to respond and deploy to an incident, and coordinate the development, training, and certification of IMT personnel in the State.


Emergency Response Activations

During Emergency Response Activations, the IMT Program Staff manage the activation, deployment, and operation of the State IMT.


Apply for Membership
For more information about the New York State Incident Management Team, or if you are a State agency, county government, or local government employee who may be interested in applying for membership on the team, please contact the New York State Office of Emergency Management, Incident Management Team Program, at:
(518) 301-2058 or [email protected]
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