The Notification of Presence of Wild Animals

Pursuant to General Municipal Law §209-cc, everyone who owns, possesses or harbors certain wild animals must report the location of the animal to his or her municipal clerk. The clerk must then forward the Report to all police agencies and emergency responders having jurisdiction, for their awareness in case of a call to that location. The documents contained in this section will explain these requirements in further detail.

Required Annual Reporting

All persons required to report the owning, possessing or harboring of a wild animal shall file such report with the relevant city, town or village clerk on or before April 1 of each year.

The state fire administrator, in consultation with the Department of Environmental Conservation, has developed the following list of the common names of wild animals to be reported:

View List of Common Names of Wild Animals to be Reported

If your animal is on this list, use the form below to properly report your animal to your local municipality.


    Report of the Presence of Wild Animals

    Every person in New York State, who owns, possesses, or harbors a wild animal must file this Report annually, on or before April 1 of each year, with the clerk of the city, village or town (if outside a village) where the animal is kept.