Homeland Security and Emergency Services

DEC General Permits for Repairs Related to Hurricane Sandy

DEC has issued a General Permit for the coastal areas of Long Island, New York City and the lower Hudson Valley to address the environmental requirements as you begin to recover and re-build after Hurricane Sandy. Please remember that FEMA will expect you to meet these environmental requirements in order to remain eligible to receive reimbursement under the FEMA federal Public Assistance and Mitigation programs. Approved projects include stabilizing existing dwellings, decks and walkways with temporary bracing and pilings; installing sandbags or sand cubes at the toe of damaged structures or eroded escarpments; re-grading eroded dunes; in-kind/in-place repair of stairways; reconstruction of bulkheads and shoreline erosion structures that were functional before Hurricane Sandy; and repair or reconstruction of existing public roads, bridges, utilities and other public infrastructure.

The links below to go to the NYSDEC web site where you can find the emergency permit authorization forms and instructions to help you address storm-related repairs:

For work beyond these approved activities please contact your Local DEC Regional Office for assistance.