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Exercises - HSEEP

(Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program)

HSEEP is a capabilities- and performance-based exercise program that includes a cycle, mix,HSEEP logo and range of exercise activities of varying degrees of complexity and interaction. The purpose of HSEEP is to build self-sustaining exercise programs and provide a standardized policy, methodology, and terminology for designing, developing, conducting, evaluating and improving all exercises.

More information can be found on the HSEEP web site

What does it mean to be HSEEP compliant?

HSEEP Compliance is defined as adherence to specific HSEEP-mandated practices for exercise program management, design, development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. In order for an entity to be considered HSEEP Compliant it must satisfy four distinct performance requirements:

  1. Conducting an annual Training and Exercise Plan Workshop (TEPW) and maintaining a Multi-year Training and Exercise Plan (MTEP)
  2. Planning and conducting exercises in accordance with the guidelines set forth in HSEEP
  3. Developing and submitting a properly formatted After-Action Report/Improvement Plan (AAR/IP). The format (Template) for the AAR/IP is found in HSEEP Volume III.
  4. Tracking and implementing Corrective Actions (CA) identified in the AAR/IP. The Department of Homeland Security's Corrective Action Program (CAP) provides the basis for systematically identifying, analyzing, and monitoring the implementation of initiatives aimed at resolving deficiencies uncovered in exercises, training events, real-world events, and policy discussions. The CAP provides a systematic means for overcoming the perennial problem of observing the same issues repeatedly characterized as "lessons learned" in reports compiled following major events.

Why is it important to be HSEEP compliant?

Adherence to the policy and guidance presented in the HSEEP Volumes ensures that exercise programs conform to established best practices, and helps provide unity and consistency of effort for exercises at all levels of government.

Is there assistance available to help me achieve compliance?

Yes, there is! The Department of Homeland Security has created the HSEEP Toolkit to facilitate compliance with HSEEP. The HSEEP Toolkit is an interactive, on-line system for exercise scheduling, design, development, conduct, evaluation and improvement planning. The HSEEP Toolkit includes the National Exercise Schedule (NEXS) System, Design and Development System (DDS), and Corrective Action Program (CAP) System.

Where can I find learn more about HSEEP?

You can take one of the New York State-sponsored courses listed in the Training Calendar.