Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Joint Information Center (JIC)

A Joint Information Center provides the public with a single location for official information on the response to an emergency at a commercial nuclear power plant.

There are three Joint Information Centers in New York State, each supporting different counties and plants. Each Joint Information Center is comprised of staff from New York State, the counties surrounding the plant(s), and the plant licensee.

In an emergency, Joint Information Center staff will develop and disseminate emergency advisories, including official notification of protective actions recommended by government officials for the public within the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone. Joint Information Center staff will also work to provide timely information to the news media and the public, and will conduct other operations, such as responding to public and media inquiries, to ensure that the public receives accurate and timely information.

Joint Information Center plans complement the radiological emergency response plans of New York State, the nuclear power plants' site licensees, and the seven counties that are located within a 10-mile radius of a commercial nuclear power plant.