Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Pet Emergency Supply Kit

  • Ample supply of food, either dry or canned (pop top or have a can opener).
  • Enough water to last from three to seven days.
  • Pet feeding dishes.
  • Muzzle, collar and leash.
  • Proper identification including immunization records.
  • Your pet's ID tag should contain his name, telephone number, and any urgent medical needs.
  • Current photos of your pets in case they become lost.
  • Medical records (stored in a waterproof container) and a first aid kit.
  • A two-week supply of any medicine your pet requires.
  • Pet beds and toys, if easily transportable.
  • Disposable litter trays (aluminum pans are perfect) for cats.
  • Litter or paper toweling.
  • A pet traveling bag or sturdy carrier, ideally for each pet.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries.
  • Blanket (for scooping up a fearful pet).
  • Proper fitting muzzle.

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