Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Be Prepared

  1. Know which county you live in and which ones border your community as you monitor weather broadcasts.
  2. If you're on vacation or driving through an unfamiliar area, remember the county you are in and where you are in relation to other towns and cities.
  3. Know how to get to a safe place quickly if a warning is issued by developing a plan for you and your family at home, work, school, and when outdoors.
  4. Have disaster supplies on hand, including:
    • Flashlight and extra batteries
    • Battery-operated radio and extra batteries
    • First aid kit and manual
    • Emergency food, water, and essential medicines
    • Non-electric can opener
    • Checkbook, cash, credit cards, ATM cards
  5. Download the free IAlertz app to your Smartphone to receive important weather alerts and emergency messages from NY Alert, New York State's all hazards alert and notification system. Easy instructions are available at www.nyalert.gov