Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Office of Emergency Management Training Programs


The Training and Exercise Program offers training and exercise support to first responders to enhance public safety within New York State. Training is offered on a regional basis, and at the State Preparedness Training Center NYS OEM also provides a number of training opportunities to prepare for emergencies ranging from catastrophic disasters to routine emergencies including: management level, Incident Command System (ICS); performance based training, reality based training and awareness level. Our training is provided at the regional level as well as residential training at the State Preparedness Training Center.

OEM Training also hosts the State Administrative Agent (SAA) Training Point of Contact for several federal partners and the State Training Officer (STO) point of contact for applications to FEMA's Emergency Management Institute (EMI).

To request training approval of Non-DHS Approved Training Utilizing Grand Funds please fill out the Request for Training Approval Form. Please return the completed form to the Training & Exercise Section.

Training is frequently provided in conjunction with our Disaster Preparedness Commission (DPC) partners and to assist in compliance with NYS Executive Order #26.1(adoption of NIMS and HSPD-5).

State OEM conducts the annual State Training and Exercise Planning Workshop as well as a periodic Training Needs Assessment (TNA) which identifies where training gaps within the statewide emergency management and first responder community exist. Working with state agencies, federal training partners and other state organizations, community and local partners we strive to provide offerings that addresses discovered needs whenever possible. The TNA provides State OEM with the opportunity to re-assess courses that are being delivered and augment training gaps identified. Please visit the Course catalog, DHSES Training Calendar or for what may currently be offered by the Public Safety agencies within DHSES.

OEM's Training and Exercise Program serves all emergency management professionals, including:

  • Fire Service
  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Emergency Management
  • Public Works
  • Public Health
  • Business and Industry
  • State and Federal Agencies
  • Utility Representatives
  • Cooperating Agencies
  • Instructor Led Training
    ICS, NIMS and Exercise Courses
    Emergency Management and Professional Development
    Preparedness training (specific to target audiences); PIO, Planning, Executive & Community
  • Training available through FEMA
    Online Independent Study training (many also classroom led)
    Resident Courses at Emergency Management Institute (EMI), Emmitsburg, Maryland

Today's first response community finds itself challenged with a wide range of continually evolving threats, and natural or man-made hazards requiring continued emphasis on preparedness training and the development of sound strategies to counter and recover from these threats. The potential use of chemical, biological, and radiological agents along with the challenges faced from explosives and homicide/suicide bombers as well as natural disasters are shaping the present and future preparation of responders. But our purpose is not limited to First responders.

As technological threats evolve and we continue to experience unprecedented natural phenomenon, both here in NYS and around the globe, the need exists for comprehensive, proactive, "threat based" and "intelligence and data driven" preparedness levels with all types of government, private and volunteers resources. Without clear direction, coordination, and support it is difficult if not impossible to ensure that the level of readiness is appropriate for the challenges we have faced and will continue to experience.

The New York State Office of Emergency Management Training Unit is responsible for the coordination and delivery of training to New York's emergency responder agencies and individuals. Through our various partnerships, the SOME Training Unit is able to provide the best possible training to emergency responders throughout New York, enhance the local delivery of training and coordinate a comprehensive, inclusive statewide training and exercise support strategy.


To meet the training needs of emergency management professionals across New York State through customized curricula and coordination of external training that not only supports first responders but integrates public safety and increases the knowledge base of all New York State emergency management and first responder personnel. By incorporating up to date intelligence with responsive and proactive training programs we can ensure that our audience receive the timeliest and most relevant training available based upon realistic, adaptive, and appropriate mission specific competencies.


Our training mission is; facilitating, coordinating and providing training and exercise support with quality educational programs, so that emergency management professionals will be better able to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disastrous incidents while protecting lives, property, and the environment.