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Mobile Training Team (MTT) Services

Mobile Training Team (MTT) training deliveries provide training to local emergency response agencies at no cost to the agency. The MTT instructor cadre is comprised of qualified, certified, and highly skilled Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that are available to train local first response agencies anywhere in New York State. Requests for training from members of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium, and other federal and state agencies, are also processed through our office.

To schedule a training course your agency will be required to provide a description of the capabilities that the training course will enhance; link the training course to the NYS Homeland Security Strategy; provide adequate classroom/training space to conduct the training delivery; and ensure that the requirements for student enrollment are satisfied. All agencies requesting an MTT delivery must complete the following request form:

  • Mobile Training Request Form

    This form, once completed, should be submitted to your local county emergency management office. The local emergency management office will coordinate the request with the New York State Office of Emergency Management and ensure that the training is appropriate and consistent with local needs.

Course Curriculum Review and Approval Assistance Program

The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES) utilizes a Course Curriculum Review and Approval Assistance Program to provide a comprehensive and consistent process for the review and approval of locally developed programs that wish to gain approval from the Department of Homeland Security's National Training and Education Division (NTED). This process will enable DHSES to direct our limited resources toward developing programs that best meet specific training needs and that enhance the capabilities of the local first response agencies. The process will also assist the requesting agency to obtain the necessary approval required for the use of the various federal grant programs that fund the development, delivery, and attendance at the training delivery.

Local agencies interested in developing courses in which they can utilize federal homeland security grant funding should contact us using the below contact information.

Questions regarding these training services and assistance should be directed to:

New York State Office of Emergency Management
Training & Exercise Section
(518) 292-2351