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Office of Counter Terrorism

Office of Counter Terrorism

The mission of the Office of Counter Terrorism (OCT) is to support federal, state, local, tribal and private sector efforts to prevent, protect against, and prepare for acts and threats of terrorism. 

Although counter terrorism is OCT's primary mission, many of its programs and initiatives support capabilities that can be applied to other threats and hazards.

OCT was created as part of the merger that established the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, and retains staff and units from its predecessor, the Office of Homeland Security.

OCT is not a law enforcement agency but works with the New York State Police and other law enforcement and public safety agencies in the fight against terrorism.

Units and Initiatives

Safeguard New York
See Something, Say Something
The Safeguard New York outreach initiative provides information and educational materials to individuals, community groups and other public and private sector organizations on how to recognize and report suspicious activity.
Get Involved
Report Suspicious Activity
Terrorism Tips Hotline

Concerned residents can be instrumental in the fight against terrorism. To report suspicious activity via phone, call the toll-free statewide Hotline:


Report a Tip Online

Suspicious activities or behavior can be reported online using the Terrorism Tips submission form. Your information will be reviewed promptly and remain confidential.

Online Submission Form


Mobile App

The "See Something, Send Something" app allows anyone to capture suspicious activity and send the information to the New York State Intelligence Center.

Download Now

Public Safety Videos
What You Can Do to Stay Safe
Seconds Count

Seconds Count illustrates standardized emergency response actions for schools along with additional actions for individuals if these are not possible.

480 Seconds

480 Seconds is how long the average active shooter incident lasts – approximately eight minutes. Learn the importance of Run, Hide, Fight and how these steps can help you and others survive an active shooter incident.

Office of Counter Terrorism
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