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The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC) was originally established shortly after World War II as the Division of Safety in the state Office for Local Government. From lessons learned about civil defense during the war, the Division was tasked with establishing a statewide fire mobilization and mutual aid plan, creating a standardized firefighter training program and adopting statewide emergency radio frequencies. Growing exponentially from these roots, to include codification as the Office of Fire Prevention and Control in 1979; OFPC has developed to become one of the most comprehensive state fire service organizations in the nation. The legislation outlining OFPC's responsibilities exists primarily, although not exclusively, within Article 6-C of the Executive Law.

In 2010 the Office of Fire Prevention and Control was merged into the newly created Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES). This merger brought together several state offices which all provide public protection services; collectively under one agency these offices together produce synergy resulting in effective and efficient collaboration and coordination benefiting emergency services, citizens and businesses throughout New York State.

The Office of Fire Prevention & Control advances public safety through a wide range of services with an emphasis placed on developing local capacity, while concurrently delivering directly, highly technical and specialized services to our citizens and client groups when it is prudent and proper to deliver such at the State level. OFPC's main goal is the effective and efficient delivery of essential fire and life safety protection to all New Yorkers.

With more than seven hundred full- and part-time members, OFPC: provides training to more than 60,000 emergency services personnel annually, both in regionally delivered programs and residentially at the Academy of Fire Science; implements statewide minimum training standards and best practices for firefighters; inspects over 25,000 buildings for fire and life safety hazards; investigates fires; supports and assists fire departments and other agencies at disasters, major emergencies and in the stabilization and mitigation of hazardous materials incidents; manages New York State's Urban Search and Rescue Team (New York Task Force-2); operationally coordinates fire service resources during activation of the Statewide Fire Mobilization and Mutual Aid Plan; collects, compiles, and disseminates information relating to fire and arson prevention and control; operates the state Fire Incident Reporting System, which processes approximately 1.5 million incidents reports annually; and, administers the Emergency Services Revolving Loan Program.

OFPC is headed by the State Fire Administrator, a position filled by gubernatorial appointment that in addition to directing the staff and operations of OFPC is a member of the New York State Disaster Preparedness Commission and the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council. The State Fire Administrator also chairs the Advisory Council for Fire Prevention and Control.

OFPC is organized into five Branches: Fire Operations and Training; Fire Inspection and Investigation, East and West; Special Operations; and, Education and Operational Support.

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