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UL Warns of Counterfeit Smoke Detector

Northbrook, IL. - August 8, 2014: The following is a notification from UL that a Hochiki SLV-24N Smoke Detector bears a counterfeit UL Mark for the United States. The SLV-24N Smoke Detector has not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety, and it is unknown if this Smoke Detector complies with any safety requirements.

The counterfeit smoke detector is similar to a smoke detector that is authorized to bear the UL Mark except as noted below: The word "foreign" is misspelled on the counterfeit unit. Instead of "ASSEMBLED IN U.S.A. OF U.S. AND FOREIGN PARTS", the counterfeit product text reads "ASSEMBLED IN U.S.A. OF U.S. AND FOREIGH PARTS".

Name of product: SLV-24N Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Identification: The product bears a counterfeit UL Mark and the following:

On the Product:

Photoelectric Smoke Detector
Model SLN-24N
Hochiki America Corp
Signaling UL Listed


Counterfeit SLV-24N Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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