Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Special Operations branch


The Special Operations Branch provides education, refresher training and emergency technical assistance or response in the areas of Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue, including New York Task Force 2-Urban and Technical Search and Rescue Team. The Special Operations Branch staff also provide coordination and distribution of the State and Federal Homeland Security Grant funding to the various regions and teams for Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue equipment and programs..

inspections and investigations branch

Technical Rescue Group

The Tech Rescue Group

Hazardous Materials Group

The Hazardous Materials Group

  • Conducts basic and advanced hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction training
  • Assists hazmat teams with preparedness through routine liaison
  • Reviews and evaluates local hazardous materials response plans
  • Conducts hazardous materials team exercise evaluations
  • Provides WMD equipment calibration and maintenance
  • Provides on scene technical assistance at hazmat emergencies
  • Maintains fully equipped hazmat teams available for large scale incidents

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