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Fire Incident Reporting System

The New York State Fire Reporting System is the central data collection mechanism for more than 1,800 fire departments in the State. Incident reports from the fire service provide essential information about fires and their causes and consequences, as well as descriptive data about the many other types of emergency services fire departments provide to the community. The data can help the fire service devise ways to do its job better and help the community at large improve its overall fire protection system. It is possible to use fire data to draw conclusions about the adequacy of fire and building codes and consumer product safety and to measure the effects of fire safety education programs.

Fire Resource Inventory System

The Fire Resource Inventory System (FRIS) is an integrated platform that allows the statewide fire department users to enter, view, maintain, and modify their resource inventory data. This user-friendly web based system is also intended to be used during large scale emergencies to identify and locate needed resources for deployment on a statewide basis. An authorized person, with or without having any computer expertise, will be able to easily interact with the system to process inventory data and to generate dynamic reports.

Fire and Hazardous Materials Definitions

For ease of tracking, response assets need to be categorized via resource typing. Resource typing is the categorization and description of resources that are commonly exchanged in disasters. Resource definitions help define resource capabilities for ease of ordering and mobilization during a disaster.

Burn Injury Reporting System


The New York State Burn Injury Reporting System (BIRS) is a database maintained by the Office of Fire Prevention and Control's (OFPC) Inspections and Investigations Branch. New York State Penal Law Section 265.26, identifies the requirements of burn injuries and wounds to be reported as well as who is responsible for reporting such incidents. Developed in 1986 the system is used daily by fire and police investigators seeking information on burn victims. The Burn Injury Reporting Law, which parallels the Gun Shot Law, is intended to identify individuals who may have been burned during the commission of a crime and travel outside their area for medical treatment to avoid detection. The program has been successful, with numerous arsonists and criminals being arrested as a result of reports it has received. The investigation of burn injuries is the responsibility of local police and fire investigators. Burn injury information can be obtained by contacting your county fire coordinator or the OFPC. Burn information and data is also used in the development of burn prevention, treatment, and education programs administered by both the OFPC and the New York State Health Department.

Property Insurance Loss Register (PILR)

New York State participates in a Property Insurance Loss Register (PILR) in conjunction with Insurance Services Offices, Inc., (ISO). The PILR is a database utilized in an effort to combat arson fires with a fraud based motive. The essential information in the register can be utilized by fire and police investigators to research prior loss histories, identify patterns and detect potentially fraudulent insurance claims resulting from a fire. Investigators can contact OFPC's Inspections and Investigations Branch to determine if a property, or a particular individual, has experienced previous fire losses.