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Hershey's Fire Safety Activity Book

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The following is a complete listing of the Hershey Fire Safety Activity Book by month and topics for separate downloading.

Cover (84KB PDF file) (1 pg)
A color depiction of Hershey.
Introduction (104KB PDF file) (1 pg)
An introduction from Hershey.
January(164KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Safety messages on space heaters.
February (164KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Additional messages on heating safety. Woodstoves/Fireplaces
March (140KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Firefighters are our friends.
April (124KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Replace your battery in your smoke alarm.
May (148KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Operation E.D.I.T.H. (Exit Drills in the Home). Includes a maze to the safe meeting place.
June (148KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Barbecue safety.
July (164KB PDF file) (1 pg)
4th of July message on fireworks.
August (156KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Campfire safety.
September (128KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Stop, Drop, and Roll!
October (144KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Another smoke detector battery message and jack-o-lantern candle safety.
November (172KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Get to safety and call 911!  Plus a hose maze and connect the dot puzzle.
December (196KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Holiday safety messages.
Closing/Word Puzzle (136KB PDF file) (1 pg)
A thank you message from Hershey as well as a word puzzle.
Escape Plan (48KB PDF file) (1 pg)
A page to draw your Exit Drills in the Home (EDITH) escape plan.
Credits (88KB PDF file) (1 pg)
Reproduction statement, contact information, and credits.