Homeland Security and Emergency Services


<h2>Command One</h2>
                <ul><li>Mobile Command Center<\li>
                   <li>Conference room, Teleconferencing capable, multiple TV's and IP capabilities, both Data and Voice, up to 60 phones can be utilized<\li>
             <li>Able to Communicate on all bands of Public Safety Frequencies, Conventional, Trunked and P-25 with Crosspatch capabilities<\li>
<li>Remote camera capabilities including a Mast Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera on a 40' mast and a Dome IP based (PTZ) camera that can be mounted on most structures and viewed anywhere on the radio network<\li></ul>     
                <h2>STR'S (Strategic Technology Reserve)</h2>
              <ul><li>Radio Capabilities across most Amateur and Public Safety Bands<\li>
<li>Provide portable telephone and Computer capabilities<\li>
<li>Video services<\li>
<li>ISP (Internet Service Provider) via Verizon, AT&T or Satellite<\li>
</ul> <h2>STR Support Truck</h2>
    <li>Carries tools and equipment for supporting STR Vehicles <\li>
<li>Carries 100 gallons of diesel fuel for re-fueling<\li>
<li>Serves as a towing vehicle<\li></ul>
    <h2>RAMER (Rapid Application Mobile Emergency Radio)</h2>
    <li>Radio Capabilities on most Public Safety Bands<\li>
<li>Repeater capable<\li> 
<li>Can provide local limited Wi-Fi Services<\li>
<li>Has cross patch capabilities<\li>

    <h2>Service Trucks</h2>
    <ul><li>Carries tools and equipment in support of field sites for planned & emergency events.<\li>
<li>Equipped with spare parts and fittings for cables and connectors.<\li>

    <h2>Repeater Trailer</h2>
    <ul><li>Provides wide area coverage on most public safety bands<\li>
<li>Deployable 52-foot mast Tower<\li>

    <h2>Supply Trailer</h2>
        <ul><li>Carries tools and equipment needed to support missions<\li>
<li>Various portable and mobile radio assets in multiple public safety bands<\li>
<li>Portable repeaters utilizing various public safety bands<\li>
<li>Tents, Tools, Lights, Cable ramps, Chargers, Generators <\li><\ul>

        <h2>Other Available Assets</h2>
    <ul><li>Satellite phones, Microwave links, Plum Cases  <\li>