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2019 Collaborative Coalition Conference Presentations

The 2019 Collaborative Coalition Conference, held April 17th and 18th in Albany, represented a diversity of topics, programming and attendance beyond the previous years.  This year featured a Federal Partners panel discussion, a National VOAD keynote address, concurrent breakout sessions and presenters from across the State, region and country.  The following presentations from the conference highlight the topics discussed (click on each video to play the presentation; click on the links below the videos to download the presentation slides):

Opening Remarks
Jamie Marcella, Ken Curtin, Anne Bink,
Bill Dugan

Federal Partners Panel
Iris Epsenhart, Dan Rickman, Henry Comas,
Holly Chmil, Glen Karpovich

Iris Epsenhart, FEMA

Henry Comas, HUD

National Service in Times of Disaster
Jessica Vasquez

National Service in Disaster

New York VOAD Updates and Goals
Peter Gudaitis

NY VOAD Chair Report

Keynote Address
Greg Forrester

National VOAD Overview

Working with Native Peoples and Communities
Brenda Gausby, Pete Hill

NACS' "All Our Relations" Project

Social Vulnerabilities in Disaster Recovery
David Kow, LaKeysha I. Fields, Tyrone D. Ford

Social Vulnerabilities in Disasters

Disaster Social Vulnerability Assessment

Religious Literacy and Competency
Peter Gudaitis

Increasing Religious Competency and Literacy

County Animal Response Teams
Amy Wheeler, Brian Wood


Group Discussion

See the videos of the presentations from the 2018 Conference, including “Working Together with Emergency Management,” “Setting Up a Multi-Agency Resource Center” and “FEMA Individual Assistance.”

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