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Office of Emergency Management
Guidance and Resources for the General Public
Are you prepared in the event a radiological emergency or disaster impacts your residence or work environment? Do you live in a 10 or 50 mile radius of a nuclear power plant? The below guidance and resource documents can assist you in being aware and prepared for any disaster that could impact you.
Guidance and Resources for Local Emergency Management
Are you a local emergency manager looking for guidance documents and resources to be better prepared for any emergencies or disasters that may impact your region, county, city, or town? The below documents may assist you with your preparedness and response activities.
State Guidance and Resources
New York State offers guidance and resources for our stakeholders and partners to use in preparedness and response activities while assisting local, county, and State agencies in the preparation, response, and recovery of any emergency or disaster that could impact the State.
Federal Guidance and Resources
Are you looking for Federal emergency management guidance and resources?
Contact US
Find contact information for the State OEM Headquarters and Regional Offices.