Report an Incident

To report an incident to DHSES CIRT and engage incident response service, contact us at: 1-844-OCT-CIRT (1-844-628-2478)

Digital Forensics

CIRT can provide analysis of systems or digital artifacts related to an active incident to help determine the root cause and provide remediation guidance.  Incident-related artifacts can be collected in person by CIRT staff, or they can be shared through a secure portal.  CIRT uses industry standard tools and offers extensive forensics experience that many organizations may not have in house.  These free services are available for active incident response as well as proactive analysis of suspicious events.

Incident Response

CIRT can offer remote or on-site support to eligible organizations.  During a cyber incident, our experienced team will provide “in the moment,” incident-specific recommendations on containment, eradication, and recovery to reduce the impact of the disruption and help the organization to get back on its feet quickly.  CIRT will also provide post-incident security recommendations, which can help organizations build a more proactive cyber program going forward.