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Frequently Asked Questions

Registraion FAQ

Lodging FAQ

Registraion FAQ

What should I bring with me to the Training Center for registration/check-in?

Answer: Please bring a picture ID, and your lodging and course confirmations. If you did not receive these confirmations, then please contact or 315-768-5689 for more information.

What equipment do I need for the class - Is the class outside?

Answer: Refer to the Course Announcement and or your Course Confirmation for this information.

How long will I typically have to wait before receiving approval to attend the course?

Answer: Course approvals will vary depending on the course. Typically, you will receive confirmation at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the course.

I am on a waitlist.  What is the process for this?  Will I automatically go to the top of the list for the next course offering?

Answer: If you are on a wait list, it is only for the course delivery that you requested enrollment. You will be notified if an opening is available. You will need to register again for any future course offerings. Being placed on a previous waitlist does not guarantee that you will be given preference for the next course offering.  All requests received from students for each course offering are evaluated prior to approval. 

How do I cancel my registration and or lodging?

Answer: To cancel your registration, contact the State Preparedness Training Center at or 315-768-5689.   Failure to notify the State Preparedness Training Center of your cancellation could impact future course registration requests. If you were approved for lodging and you made a reservation, please contact the hotel to cancel your reservation.

Lodging FAQ

If I would like lodging covered by DHSES while I’m at the State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC), will it automatically be provided to me?

Answer: You must be enrolled in the course and have received lodging confirmation from the SPTC before arriving at the center, or your lodging will not be covered. Course announcements will indicate whether lodging is offered. If lodging is offered, please request lodging when completing the course registration form. *You are eligible for lodging if your residence and official work station are more than 50 miles from the SPTC and you are from the public sector. Lodging is not available for federal employees or private industry participants. Students requesting lodging must attend all required course sessions to be eligible for funding. Failure to attend all sessions may result in the applicant being responsible for all expenses incurred.

If I’m approved for lodging, does the SPTC make my reservation for me?

Answer: No, the SPTC does not make hotel reservations.

  1. If you are approved for lodging, you will receive a confirmation email explaining the steps to secure lodging prior to arriving at the State Preparedness Training Center. You will find the hotel list by going to : . You must stay only at the hotels on this list.
  2. Select the hotel you’re interested in staying at and contact them at the phone number provided to make a reservation for the approved dates. Note:  Do not use a hotel website or third-party booking service (such as Orbitz or PriceLine) to make a reservation because it may result in a higher rate which you could be responsible for.

**When calling the hotel, you must advise them that your approved lodging dates are covered by the New York State Division of Homeland Security and they are to direct bill the SPTC.** A credit card will hold your room and must be provided at check-in to cover incidentals during your stay.

How do the hotels know who is approved for lodging?

Answer: The SPTC adds names of those who are approved for lodging to a list that is sent to the hotels in advance of training courses being held. The list indicates the course for which lodging is approved, the date(s) lodging is provided, and the names of those approved.
**As a reminder, if you are interested in lodging please request it when submitting the course registration form. **

What if I forget to request lodging before the course begins? Can I indicate I’m interested in lodging when I sign in at the SPTC during the course?

Answer: Unfortunately no. Lodging needs to be requested at the time of the registration. If you’re approved for lodging, your name will be on the lodging list that is sent to eligible hotels before the course begins.
**If you fail to request lodging at the time of registration, you may be responsible for covering your own hotel expenses.**

If I’m enrolled in training at the SPTC with some colleagues and I have requested lodging and been approved for it, are my colleagues automatically placed on the approved lodging list that is sent to the approved hotels?

Answer: No, each person is handled on an individual basis. Each of your colleagues needs to inform us at the time of registration that they are requesting lodging.