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State-Funded Programs

Managed by DHSES Grants Program Administration (GPA)

Interoperable and Emergency Communications Grants

Statewide Interoperable Communications Formula-Based Grant (SICG-Formula)

The SICG-Formula Program will focus on further minimizing gaps in interoperable communications by aligning technology acquisitions with operational use by first responders, which provides the foundation necessary to accomplish a high level of interoperability. The SICG-Formula Program concentrates on improving interoperability and operability of communications systems in New York State. All New York State counties receive funding through the SICG-Formula Program.

2020 SICG-Formula Program Information


Statewide Interoperable Communications Targeted Grant (SICG-Targeted)

The overall objective of the SICG-Targeted Program is to improve infrastructure related to National Interoperability channels through targeted funding, which is a core tenet and feature of interoperability. All New York State counties are eligible for SICG-Targeted funding.

2022 SICG-Targeted Program Information


Public Safety Answering Points Grant (PSAP)

The PSAP grant program provides funding to all New York State county governments to consolidate and improve their PSAP/emergency call center operations.

2020-21 PSAP Grant Information


Recruitment and Retention Grant Program

The Recruitment and Retention Grant Program provides funding to support county and local fire and EMS agencies in their efforts to recruit new and retain existing fire and EMS volunteers.

There are currently no Recruitment and Retention grants available.

Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Grant Program

New York State, committed to ensuring the safety and equal treatment of all New Yorkers, launched the Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes (SCAHC) Program to boost safety and security at New York's nonpublic nonprofit schools, nonprofit day care centers, nonprofit community centers, nonprofit cultural museums, nonprofit residential camps and nonprofit day camps at risk of hate crimes or attacks because of their ideology, beliefs, or mission.

Please note that future funding opportunities of the Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Program will be administered by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS):

Resources for SFY2019 SCAHC Recipients


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