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New York State is home to one of the premier first responder training facilities in the nation – the State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) in Oriskany. Located on 1,100 acres, the SPTC offers an extensive series of realistic training venues, a Swift Water and Flood Training (SWFT) venue, a 45,000 square foot CityScape complex, and an Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) simulator. From classroom lectures and discussions to skill development lanes to reality and high performance scenario-based training, the SPTC offers state, local, and federal agencies a spectrum of opportunities for dynamic emergency first responder training.

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Through residential courses, third party facility usage, and mobile training programs, the State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) provides contemporary, cutting-edge training to thousands of first responders each year.

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The State Preparedness Training Center’s “Initial Response to Active Shooters” Course was recently featured on NBC’s Today Show. This course emphasizes techniques and tactics that will allow officers to quickly and decisively engage attackers and mitigate the threat.

The State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) hosted the annual Excelsior Challenge Training Event on October 2-6,2023 in Oriskany. 150 law enforcement officers from across New York State attended, including 40 Bomb Technicians, 40 EDC Teams, and 70 Tactical Team Operators. Participants rotated through 6 complex scenarios based on the current threat environment, as well as 3 advanced skills lanes.


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The New York State Preparedness Training Center encourages your agency to come and train with us. If your agency is interested in utilizing the State Preparedness Training Center for an organizational event or training, please fill out the request using the online form below.
What Students are Saying
UAS Part 107 Course Student

"Thorough explanation of the necessary content needed to confidently take the FAA Part 107 exam along with take home material"

Initial Response to Active Shooters Course Student

" 30 years in the law enforcement field I’ve never been to a better training or had better instructors. They were tip of the sword!"

Emergency Vehicle Defensive Driving Course Student

"The instructors did a great job of identifying where I might have issues, helped me to address those shortcomings, and I feel more confident in applying skills learned."

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