Homeland Security and Emergency Services

NIMS Component


Communications and Information Management


In order to effectively manage incident response activities there needs to be a flexible communication and information system in place, which should include common standards, processes, architectures, plans, and equipment. Overall, this system should provide a common operating picture to all emergency management/response personnel and their affiliated organizations.


Resource Management

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Resource Management helps to carefully manage resources (personnel, teams, facilities, equipment, and/or supplies) required or needed during emergency management and incident response activities. Utilizing standardized resource management concepts, such as, typing, inventorying, organizing, and tracking, will help to facilitate the dispatch, deployment, and recovery of resources before, during, and after an incident.


Command and Management


Command and Management is composed of three elements; the Incident Command System, the Multiagency Coordination System, and Public Information. These elements help to provide an effective framework for management during any incident response.



Ongoing Management & Maintenance

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The National Integration Center (NIC) and the Incident Management System Integration (IMSI) Division, help facilitate NIMS standards development and oversight in administration, compliance, standards, credentialing, training, exercise support, and publication management.