Homeland Security and Emergency Services

DHSES Learning Management System (LMS)

NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services has implemented a Learning Management System called DHSES LMS. This online application will allow Students to view all current and future DHSES trainings, as well as provide Students with a simple and streamlined process to register for them.

New User

Students need to submit a request for a DHSES LMS account only if they are a brand-new student or have never taken any DHSES trainings before.

Request a new DHSES LMS Account

Existing User

Students who have taken DHSES trainings before should already have a DHSES LMS account created for them. They can log into DHSES LMS immediately to register for DHSES trainings.

Existing DHSES LMS Users Login

DHSES Available Trainings

DHSES LMS Help Links

If you have any questions, please email DHSES at LMS@dhses.ny.gov or contact the appropriate DHSES Training Academy from one of the DHSES Offices listed below:

  • Disaster Recovery (DR): (518)-292-2293
  • Emergency Management (OEM): (518)-292-2351
  • Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC): (518)-474-6746
  • Interoperable and Emergency Communications (OIEC): (518)-322-4911
  • State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC): (315)-768-5689