Homeland Security and Emergency Services

New York State Emergency Management Certification Academy


The Inaugural New York State Emergency Management Certification (NYS-EMC) Academy provides instruction for three tiers of participants.

  • Tier 1 is for County Chief Executives
  • Tier 2 is for emergency managers
  • Tier 3 is for local emergency response leadership.

The program is intended to be a comprehensive initiative combining CEMPs, risk and threat assessments, training, and certification for the emergency response community.


The NYS-EMC Academy has been developed to support Governor Cuomo’s strategy of creating unified training, education, communication, and response protocols. This innovative training initiative will achieve a uniform, cohesive approach to aggressively managing emergencies throughout New York State resulting in better protection of its residents, visitors, and property. The NYS-EMC Academy certification is required for grant submission eligibility for any DHSES administered grant for both County Chief Executives and Emergency Managers.


Please send email to: EmCertProgram@dhses.ny.gov


Documents and Forms:

Reimbursement forms can be mailed to:

Administration & Finance
Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
State of New York
1220 Washington Avenue
Building 7A, Floor 5
Albany, NY 12242
Attn:  Dawn McGinnis

Or scanned and emailed to DmcGinnis@dhses.ny.gov