State Preparedness Training Center Student Discussion

What Students are Saying About the SPTC

What Students are Saying About the SPTC

►“Thank you to DHSES, and the cadre of instructional staff truly doing wonderful work especially with regard to UAS training for first responders. NYS DHSES has no doubt been a critical factor in moving all our UAS training efforts along. I am thankful for your continued foresight and the efforts of all those involved.” - Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department Regarding UAS Training

►“The training facilities and role players allow the scenarios to be as close to real as possible while still maintain a safe training environment.” - Student who recently attended the Close Quarter Tactics Course

►“Thank you. I’ve been to other trainings where all the scenarios are designed to make you fail and the instructors were obnoxious and rude causing me to hate training. This experience has been the opposite and I look forwards to coming back. Excellent training and I’m walking away feeling confident with a few new skills for the road.” - Student who recently attended the Officer Survival Tactics Course

►“The instructors did a great job of identifying where I might have issues, helped me to address those shortcomings, and I feel more confident in applying skills learned.” - Student who recently attended the Emergency Vehicle Defensive Driving Course

►“ 30 years in the law enforcement field I’ve never been to a better training or had better instructors. They were tip of the sword!" - Student who recently attended the Initial Response to Active Shooters Course

►“All instructors are very knowledgeable, passionate, and easily teach the subject matter to students.” - Student who recently attended the Tactical Team Leadership Course

►“thoroughly enjoyed the course and the knowledge gained from the instructors. Will help in any situation in woodland areas in my jurisdiction if needed. ”- Student who recently attended the Woodland Tactics and Operations Course

►“The hands-on training and treating patients at rapidly moving phases definitely helped me learn that in high threat situations its not easy as it seems and getting patients treated and out is absolutely important. This course was by far the best course I have taken.” - Student who recently attended the rescue Task Force for EMS Course

►“The instructors showed us how a real-world situation can be extremely chaotic and how situations can change quickly. We can lecture about it for hours but I find it is better for retention when a student experiences the chaos in a practical.” - Student who recently attended the Rescue Task Force for Law Enforcement Course